Program Review APRU & CPR

All of the instructional programs and non-instructional units at Kauai Community College undergo program review as a commitment to continuous  an improvement that ensures quality and excellence in education. The process is two-fold;  the Annual Program Review Update (APRU) and the five-year Cumulative Program Review.  Continual tracking and analyses of enrollment, workforce needs, transfer rates, student learning outcomes, and other metrics allow programs and units  to assess alignment  with the college mission  and goals. A more detailed explanation of the review process and the University of Hawaii policies that support it are located in the University of Hawaii Community College Policy 5.202 or Kauai Community College Policy 1-6. Contact your division or unit chair for more information and/or refer to the resources below.

Annual Program Review Update (APRU)

The Annual Program Review update for established programs and services will include an update on the progress made on action plans (from the full program review), a review and analysis of program health indicators, and a resource and allocations priorities list. Data required for instructional programs are located in UHCCP #5.202 Attachment 1-A and on the UHCC Annual Report of Program Data (ARPD) website. Data for the annual program review update for non-instructional programs and services will be the same as that of the comprehensive program review or can be found on the ARPD website (Excerpt from KCCP 1-6).

Data Glossaries

Resource Request Criteria Ranking Rubric (Scale of 0-9)

Resource Request CriteriaResource Request Criteria

Current and Previous Annual Program Review Updates (APRU)

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APRUs from 2011-2015 may be viewed on the University of Hawaiʻi Annual Review Program Data website

Comprehensive Program Review (CPR)

Comprehensive Program Reviews should not only analyze program data but create a 5 year plan to achieve program and college goals. These should include a measurable metric with a benchmark and desired outcome. Data required for instructional programs is located in UHCCP #5.202 Attachment 1-B. Data for non-instructional programs and services is located UHCCP#5.202 Attachment 2 (Academic Support), Attachment 3 (Student Services), or Attachment 4 (Administrative Services).

Data Glossaries

Current and Previous Comprehensive and Program Reviews (CPR)

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