Graduation Requirement Course List

All graduation requirement designations are available in STAR ( and listed under the "GenEd/Focus/Special Des." column on the Class Availability website ( 

Some programs offered at Kaua‘i Community College may require one or more of the following graduation requirements:

  • Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues (HAP)*
  • Pacific Cultures (PC)
  • Writing Intensive (WI)*

*HAP and WI are the only graduation requirement designations that transfer to other UH campuses.

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  • ANTH 220
  • BOT 105
  • ENG 272B
  • ENG 272E
  • HAW 261
  • HAW 262
  • HIST 284
  • HIST 284K
  • HWST 107
  • HWST 110
  • HWST 111
  • HWST 128
  • HWST 129
  • HWST 140
  • HWST 177
  • HWST 211
  • HWST 228
  • HWST 229
  • HWST 270
  • HWST 281
  • HWST 282
  • HWST 290
  • REL 205

Graduation requirement: Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific issues - hap

For programs that require either a HAP or PC designation, a HAP course is recommended if the student plans to transfer to a 4-year UH institution.

A list of HAP courses are available at:

Graduation requirement: writing intensive - wi

Each semester, courses from a variety of disciplines are offered which are designated WI. These courses emphasize using writing as a tool to help students think actively about course content; in addition, WI instructors commit to helping students improve their writing ability. WI courses require students to write 4,000 words over the course of a semester; at least 1,000 words must be polished prose. Completion of two WI courses is required for the A.A. degree in Liberal Arts; however, students planning to transfer to UH Mānoa or UH Hilo may opt to take several WI courses to help meet these schools’ requirements. Current WI course offerings appear on the Class Availability.