University Center

Stay here. Go forward!

Welcome to the University Center!

The University Center at Kaua`i Community College provides access to certificate, bachelor, and graduate degree programs by utilizing distance learning technology.  Educational specialists are here to help you navigate your distance education journey.  We help students:

  • Develop and pursue an educational goal 
  • Successfully complete the application process 
  • Complete registration processes each semester
  • Facilitate access to student resources and on-island support 

We are here to provide access to higher education for the people of Kaua`i. The Center brings certificate, bachelor, and graduate programs from University of Hawai`i (UH) campuses to Kaua`i via distance education. These programs offer you the advantage of living on Kaua`i and save the expense of relocating.  Students may complete their general education and pre-requisite courses at Kaua`i Community College prior to transfer to UH distance education programs, or apply directly.

While some students prefer to meet their teacher and classmates face-to-face, others are taking classes delivered through cable television, the Internet, polycom, and/or interactive television.  These modalities offer more flexibility to better align with their personal and professional lives. 

The University Center provides the opportunity for students to "Stay Here and Go Forward!"  

Please contact us (Telephone: 808.245.8330 or E-mail: to see if we can help you identify and meet your educational objectives or access support services, such as financial aid.  

Success Stories

In The Making
Jason - Special ED Teacher
Jason, Special ED Teacher
TJ - Musician
TJ, Musician
Layla, College Administrator


Katie - Marketing
Katie, Markenting Entrepreneur


Jennifer - Counselor
Jennifer, Counselor