Welcome Veterans to Kaua‘i Community College!

Kaua'i CC has joined the 1,890 colleges and universities that have committed to supporting veterans as they pursue their education and employment goals.

A voluntary initiative through the Departments of Education, Veterans Affairs, and Defense. Ref: President's Executive Order

The Kaua‘i Community College Veterans’ Support Program provides Kaua‘i CC Student Veterans with referrals & assistance for services, on and off campus, geared toward their health, wellness, and college success.  Within the Program, the VSC-Veterans’ Support Center facility, on campus provides a supportive atmosphere where Veterans can discuss issues ranging from benefits, educational challenges, and shared experiences.  In-turn, the Center provides Computer workstations, WiFi connectivity, and study areas staffed by Veteran Student Workers.

Mission Statement of the Veterans' Support Center

To provide Student Veterans with a comfortable atmosphere equipped with all the tools necessary to aid them in their collegiate pursuits, and provide experienced knowledgeable and friendly staff to all who enter as the link between them and other resources needed to make the most of their scholastic endeavors.

Student Veterans are available to assist you with several initial steps to enroll at Kauai CC:

  •     Completing your enrollment application
  •     Ensuring you have the proper immunization documentation
  •     Submitting your Military training transcripts
  •     Making appointments with admissions and counseling
  •     Applying for GI Bill®. Benefits

Phone: 808-245-8391

Veterans Support Center Student Workers

Fernandi Gary

Alan Pablo

Britton McDaniels

Fernando Garay
Served in the Army for 4 years as a Construction Engineer. He is currently in his 3rd semester at KCC and is working toward earning his Business Degree. 
Allan Pablo
Served in the Army for 4 years. He served 2 years as an 88M Wheeled Vehicle Operator and 2 years as a 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic. He is currently in his 5th semester at KCC and earning his Business Degree.
Britton McDaniels
Is currently serving in his 19th year in the Air Force and will retire with 20 years of service in October 2021. He serves as Crew Chief Aircraft Mechanic. Britton is in his 1st semester at KCC working toward his Liberal Arts Degree. 

CALL US! 808-245-8391