Title III Grants

E komo mai to the Title III Grants at Kaua’i Community College

What is Title III?

What we appreciate today as “Title III” was created in 1965 as part of a United States federal grant program to improve education for minority and low income students for whom English was a secondary language. Institutions that serve Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students qualify under distinct criteria that enable them to pursue discretionary/competitive and cooperative agreement grants.

Title III supports activities that expand an institution’s capacity to serve and support native language and minority student achievement in education, expands availability of educational resources and library collections, renovation facilities and curriculum, develop and implement professional development, hire staffing to support grant projects, and enhance institutional stability. 

Kahua Paepae Ola

Keleka'a Ho'ona'auao

Kahua Paepae Ola

Keleka'a Ho'ona'auao

Kūkulu A'e Crossing Cultures

Kūkulu A'e

Crossing Cultures

Title III History at Kaua’i Community College

Kauai CC has successfully implemented over $14 million in Title III Part A and F funding for Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian-Serving Institutions since 1989.  Currently, Kauai CC is implementing three Title III Part A grants:

Together these three grants are accomplishing the modernization of facilities and technology for our students, development of new curricular options for Distance and International Education, and availability of wrap-around supports to increase the college success of Native Hawaiian students. Details and contact information for these grants is provided below.

Our most recently completed grant, which encompassed the years 2014-2020, was called Crossing Cultures. This grant focused on STEM renovations, curriculum development, professional development, travel, and STEM initiatives tied to indigenous pedagogy and culture. This grant was a continuation of work initiated between 2014-2014 during another 2 year Title III  grant titled “Building from our Past”. This grant initiated the Kipaipai Program, a First and Second Year Experience, alumni, mentor, peer student mentor and embedded STEM tutoring supports, a STEM internship program, and indigenous pedagogy and professional development.

Please see our project pages and contact us with any questions about our Title III grants and activities.

Title III Grant Reports

Contact Us

Andrea Erichsen, M.S.
Title III Grants Program
Email: andrea.erichsen@hawaii.edu
Telephone: (808) 245-8378

Mariah Opalek
Grant/Pathways Coordinator
Email: mopalek@hawaii.edu
Telephone: (808) 245-8395