Kahua Paepae Ola

"Providing the foundation to help support the well-being of our students"

Grant Budget: $1,882,040
Grant Period: 2019-2024
Grant type: Part A

This renovation grant is in the process of creating, renovating, and expanding academic
supports, facilities, and opportunities for Native Hawaiian students. 

Student Support Resources

The Hale Malama Care CenterKipaipai Program and The Wai'ale'ale ProjectAcademic Support Center

The Hale Malama Care Center

Kipaipai Program and The Wai'ale'ale Project

Academic Support Center

Provides integrated, holistic student support services through a Care Center case-based management support system that aligns with the Achieving the Dream objectives. Encourages and finances non-college-bound high school students and adults to attend and complete their first year of college. The programs help fund student retention services through peer mentors, tutors, and summer engagement opportunities (e.g. jobs, and community-based internships) Located in the library (Learning Resource Center building), our goal is to help students at Kaua‘i Community College succeed by providing exceptional academic coaching and support. We are staffed with accomplished peer tutors, professional tutors, instructors, and community volunteers.

Projects in the Works

International Engagement with Otago Polytechnic

Kauhale Meeting Place

International Engagement with Otago Polytechnic

Kauhale Meeting Place

Expanding professional development and student exchange opportunities with a partner Maori serving institution, Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand.

International Engagement with Otago Polytechnic

Creating and increasing culturally relevant place-based opportunities that foster community involvement, and engagement with faculty, staff, and the community through place-based teaching.
Community Work Partnerships Modernized Learning Facilities

Community Work Partnerships

Modernized Learning Facilities

Creating new opportunities for Native Hawaiian students by forming partnerships for internships and employment with local government, private industries, non-profit organizations, and other minority-serving institutions to foster applied learning opportunities for post-graduation employment. Modernizing on-campus learning facilities through the purchase of digital technology, furniture, software, and library resources.

Kahua Paepae Ola Year 2 Annual Report

Please reach out to our grant staff with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Margaret Sanchez
Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
Kauai Community College
Email: msanche@hawaii.edu
(808) 245-8274
Andrea Erichsen, M.S.
Title III Grants Program at Kauai CC
Email: andrea.erichsen@hawaii.edu
Telephone: (808) 245-8378

Mariah Opalek
Title III Grants Support Assistant at Kauai CC
Email: mopalek@hawaii.edu
Telephone: (808) 245-8395