Financial Aid Summer School

Summer semester financial aid eligibility will be determined after you register for classes. Financial aid notifications will be sent to your UH email. After initially registering, please notify the Financial Aid Office of any changes in enrollment.

Tips for Determining Summer Financial Aid Eligibility

  1. Summer tuition for most classes is higher, so financial aid awards may not cover your tuition and fees. Please note: There will be additional costs for books and supplies.
  2. If you are considering loans for Summer semester, you need to be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours during the Summer semester. If you received the annual maximum loan limits over the previous Fall and Spring semesters, you will not be eligible for Summer semester student loans.

Annual loan limits are stated below:

  • Dependent students – $5500-Freshman, $6500-Sophomore
  • Independent students – $9500-Freshman, $10500-Sophomore

Summer Financial Aid Process

  1. You must register for Summer semester classes prior to being awarded Summer semester financial aid.
  2. It's highly recommended that you register for all of your summer classes by the beginning of the first session of Summer semester.
  3. Your spring semester grades may be reviewed prior to release of your summer semester financial aid funds.
  4. If you are placed on financial aid suspension, your summer financial aid will be canceled and you would be responsible for paying for tuition and fees out of pocket, or withdrawing from your classes prior to the deadline to withdraw to receive a 100% refund. Please note: There is an appeal process and you may have the opportunity to ask that your financial aid be reinstated for the summer semester.
  5. If there is any change to your schedule, you must notify the Financial Aid Office immediately. Your financial aid eligibility may change and you may owe money.

If you have any questions, contact the Financial Aid Office.