Checking Your Financial Aid

Once accepted at Kaua‘i Community College a student can follow the instructions below to review their financial aid status.

  1. Go to
  2. "View My Financial Aid Information".
  3. Login using UH username & password.
  4. To view outstanding Financial Aid Requirements, click "Student Requirements". To view Financial Aid you have been awarded, click "Award by Aid Year".
  5. Here you will see the status of your Financial Aid requirements.

Reviewing and Accepting/Declining your Title IV Authorizations

What is Title IV Authorization?

Title IV financial aid includes the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), and Federal Direct loans. These funds will be automatically applied towards your tuition, fees, and dorm charges at any University of Hawaii campus for the current term. 
If you have any other charges on your student account for the current or prior term, you must pay those charges separately, unless you accept Title IV Authorization.
Examples of other charges include:

  • Fees for late registration or adding/dropping classes, fees for digital course material (IDAP)
  • Library or parking fines
  • Miscellaneous fees or tuition from the prior term

If you accept, all charges posted on your account after you accept, can be covered by your federal financial aid. This includes all charges for the current term and up to $200 of charges from a prior term. Any excess funds will be refunded to you per our normal refund policy. 
If you decline or don’t answer the question, your federal financial aid will be applied ONLY towards charges for your tuition, fees, and dorms for the current term, and up to $200 for the prior term. Other miscellaneous charges and fees listed above will remain on your account. If the obligation remains unpaid, it could result in “account holds” that may block you from registering for future semesters and accessing transcripts.

How do I accept or decline Title IV Authorization?

  • Login to your MyUH Services to accept or decline Title IV Authorization.
  • Select the appropriate campus and aid year
  • Click on ‘Student Requirements’
  • Click on ‘Authorization to pay for non-tuition charges’
  • Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Do I need to accept or decline every year?

No, your answer will remain in effect from that point on until you notify your home campus that you would like to change your answer.

How do I change my answer?

If you would like to change your answer to Title IV Authorization, you should notify your home campus via email.