Payment Deadline

Spring 2020 Payment Deadline is December 12, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. (HST) 

The payment due date at all UH campuses for Spring 2020 is Thursday, December 12, 2019, at 4:00 pm (HST).  Receipt of full payment or enrollment in the payment plan on or before this date is required.

Registration may be cancelled for non-payment. Students remain academically and financially responsible for any registration that is not cancelled and should drop unwanted classes. Please check the registration timetable or contact your campus directly for re-registration opportunities for cancelled registration (subject to availability of classes). Financial aid recipients should follow financial aid award information.

IMPORTANT: To avoid financial and academic penalties, be sure to drop any class you do not want, even if you have not paid for it.  Students who fail to meet the payment deadline may be subject to immediate dis-enrollment from all courses. Not all registrations are automatically canceled due to non-payment.  To avoid dis-enrollment from classes, payment must be received by the Payment Deadline. 

If you do not want to keep a class, drop it in the 100% tuition refund period to avoid financial or academic penalties (e.g. “F” grade). Never assume that you will automatically be dropped from your classes due to non-payment or non-attendance. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your payment has been received by the deadline.

BEFORE you make your payment:

  • Verify your Tuition and Fee charges on your account. This will display in STAR GPS Registration upon clicking the "Make Payment" button Your charges can also be accessed in MyUH using the "Pay Tuition and Fees" task. After selecting the task and you are logged into the payment system, select the "View Account Activity" box on the "My Account" tab.
  • Check to make sure you have met your Payment Deadline.
  • Learn more about payments, payment plans, Authorized Users and eRefunds at University of Hawaii FAQs for Student eCommerce Services.
  • University of Hawaii employees, and spouses or domestic partners of employees in BU 07, 08, 87 and 88 -  find additional information on the Employee Tuition Waiver site.  

Financial Aid Payments

If you received your award notice and completed all necessary paperwork, the University Cashier’s Office will apply your financial aid toward your tuition and fees. Funds will be disbursed upon verification of enrollment, but no earlier than ten days prior to the first day of instruction, as allowed by federal regulations. After your tuition and fees are paid, any residual monies will be mailed to you or deposited directly into your designated eRefund account. Click here for instructions on how to check your Financial Aid.


Refunds are processed by the Business Office.

Semester Length Courses: Student Activity Fees

A 100% Student Activity Fee refund is given for complete withdrawal made within the first week of instruction. Check the Academic Calendar for the deadline. No refund is given for complete withdrawal made after the first week of instruction.

Non-Semester Length Courses: Tuition & Special Course Fees

The refund period at all institutions shall be 20% of the instructional period. The instructional period includes all calendar days beginning from the first day of instruction and ending on the last day of instruction. No refunds will be made for courses where the instructional period is 10 days or less, except before the first day of instruction. Refunds for credit courses that are not semester long shall be as follows:

  1. 100% refund for complete withdrawal only if made on or before the last day of late registration (add period) as established at each institution.

  2. 50% refund for complete withdrawal or change in status or tuition rate if made after the late registration period (add period) but on or before the end of the refund period as defined above, unless otherwise stipulated by federal regulations.

Non-Semester Length Courses: Activity Fees

  1. 100% refund of the student activity fee for complete withdrawal only if made on or before the first day of instruction.

  2. No refund of the student activity fee if complete withdrawal is made after the first day of instruction.