Visual Arts

WELCOME TO THE Visual Arts: Academic Subject Certificate AT KAUA'I COMMUNITY COLLEGE! 

The Visual Arts Academic Subject Certificate (A.S.C.) is designed for students who are interested in further study of the visual arts, beyond what is required for their current degree program, for personal development, starting a creative business, or pursuing Visual Arts with a studio focus at the B.A. level. This pathway encourages students to explore the foundations of the visual arts and offers them an opportunity to develop their artistic expression and vision and gain confidence in their artistic skills throughout a broad spectrum of visual arts. Completion of the Visual Arts A.S.C. will allow students to satisfy the Liberal Arts A.A. degree’s requirements for DA courses while focusing their electives on artistic pursuits, and also meets 4 of the 8 studio courses required for the Studio Visual Arts B.A. degree at UH Mānoa.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) approved 09/26/2022:

  1. Demonstrate fundamental skills and knowledge of basic concepts in the visual arts.
  2. Demonstrate some creative originality in artistic expression.
  3. Analyze the merits of a broad range of visual art at a basic level.
  4. Use basic critical approaches and analytical skills in self-presentation and critique.


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Visual Arts: Academic Subject Certificate (ASC), 21 credits

Fall Semester 1

  • ART 101 - Introduction to the Visual Arts (3 credits)
  • ART 113 - Introduction to Drawing (3 credits)

Spring Semester 2

  • ART 213 - Intermediate Drawing (3 credits)
  • ART 111 or ART 123 (3 credits)

Fall Semester 3

  • ART 211 or ART 223 (3 credits)
  • 3D Art (3 credits)

Spring Semester 4

  • Art Elective (3 credits)


Total credits 21

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