Marine Option


The Marine Option Program is a University of Hawai‘i systemwide program with participation by students at all universities and community colleges in the UH System, except Kapi‘olani CC. This is an experiential program offering students opportunities to learn about the marine and freshwater environments. Students work with marine scientists in many different areas of interest applying their academic knowledge to the real world while learning practical marine and laboratory skills. The MOP Academic Subject Certificate can then be used when applying for marine-related jobs or for further study at a four-year institution.

Program Admission Requirements

The student must be enrolled at Kaua‘i Community College in the Liberal Arts program.  

Graduation Requirements

The student must complete at least twelve total credits including six credits consisting of three required courses (OCN 101, OCN 201, and OCN 199V) and six credits of electives from the table on page 1, including one of the listed laboratory courses.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Increased understanding and appreciation of marine and freshwater systems by undergraduates in any major at all UH campuses.
  • Enhanced employability and opportunities for advanced study as a result of knowledge, skills, and contacts acquired through experiential education and networking.


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Marine Option Program Academic Subject Certificate (ASC), 12 Credits
  • OCN 101 - Introduction to Marine Option Program (1 credit)
  • OCN 201 - Science of the Sea (3 credits)
  • OCN 199V - Special Studies (2 credits)
  • Electives - Marine Option Program ASC (6 credits)


  1. Electives: A total of 6 credits is required (including at least one laboratory): BIOL 123/BIOL 123L*; BOT 130/BOT 130L*; CHEM 151/CHEM 151L*; CHEM 161/CHEM 161L*; GG 101/GG 101L*; HWST 281; MARE 264**, MARE 364**; MICR 130/MICR 140L; OCN 120; PHYS 151/PHYS 151L*, PHYS 170/PHYS 170L*; SCI 121/SCI 121L*; SSCI 250
    * These courses will fulfill the laboratory requirement.
    ** MARE 264 and MARE 364 are both intensive summer field experience courses in Quantitative Underwater Ecological Survey Techniques (QUEST) offered through UH Hilo. The courses are open systemwide to qualifying students.

Total credits: 12

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