Title IX - File a Report

To report an incident involving sexual harassment or gender-based violence to Kaua‘i Community College:

Or Contact a confidential resource or Title IX Coordinators.


Reporting/sharing information with the Title IX Coordinators and/or filing an online report WILL put Kaua‘i Community College on notice of an allegation.

The Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinators are not confidential sources of support. While they will address your complaint with sensitivity and will keep your information as private as possible, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. For confidential assistance, please contact a Confidential Resource

If the Title IX Coordinators are informed of a report of sex discrimination, sexual misconduct, and/or gender-based violence, they are required to follow up on the report to determine the appropriate response, which could include a formal investigation. However, you will not be forced to participate or share information.


If you file an online report, you will have the option to submit an anonymous report. Please be aware that depending on the level of information reported about the incident or the individuals involved, Kaua`i Community College’s ability to investigate or respond to an anonymous report may be limited. In reviewing and/or investigating your complaint, the College will take whatever steps it deems appropriate under the circumstances.