Title IX - Confidential Resources

If you wish that details of an incident be kept confidential, or do not know if you want to or are ready to report an incident to Kaua`i Community College and/or Law Enforcement, speak with the Confidential Advocate or Mental Health Counselor. 

These individuals are on-campus and are available for individuals to discuss incidents and issues related to sex discrimination, sexual misconduct, and gender-based violence on a confidential basis. You will be able to confidentially discuss your situation, and receive information, assistance, and resources, while still retaining control of your decision to report an incident to the College and/or Law Enforcement.

Confidential Resources will not disclose information about incidents of sex discrimination, sexual misconduct, and/or gender-based violence to anyone, including Law Enforcement or the Title IX Coordinators, except in very limited circumstances, such as when failure to disclose the information would result in imminent danger to the individual or others.


The many resources available can sometimes be overwhelming. The Confidential Advocate can provide information, assist with navigating the many options available, and provide improved access to resources. The Confidential Advocate is available to students and employees, and all services are free of charge. 

The Confidential Advocate is a confidential resource, meaning that assistance can be received without placing the College on notice of a specific incident. 

The Confidential Advocate’s services include: 


Keahi Kahui
Confidential Advocate & YWCA Crisis Intervention Specialist
Kaua`i Community College, Wellness Center
Phone: *(808) 278-3508 [call or text]
* Phone cannot receive voicemails when off.  If you do not reach Keahi by phone, please contact her by email.
Email: keahi@ywcakauai.org
Hours: Monday (10 am - 2 pm) & Tuesday (9 am - 1 pm)
On-Call Hours: Wednesday (10 am - 2 pm) and Thursday (1 - 5 pm)


Visit the Mental Health Counseling webpage

The Mental Health Counselor can provide emotional support as you process the many options available, and can offer confidential personal counseling, consultation, and coaching to help improve mental health and wellness. The Mental Health Counselor is available to students, and all services are free of charge.

The Mental Health Counselor is a confidential resource, meaning that assistance can be received without placing the College on notice of a specific incident.

The Mental Health Counselor's services include: 

  • Help with adjusting to college life
  •  Assistance with learning healthy ways to cope with stress
  • Treatment for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse
  • Assistance with coping with crisis (including domestic/dating violence, sexual assault, and thoughts of suicide)
  • Psychiatric referrals


Brian Kohatsu
Kaua`i Community College Mental Health Counselor & Confidential Resource
Kaua`i Community College, One Stop Center, 201D
Phone: (808) 245-8314
Email: kohatsub@hawaii.edu
Hours: Monday (12:45 pm - 2:45 pm); Wednesday & Friday (12:45 pm - 4:30 pm)