International Student FAQs

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First,  please make sure that you meet our English proficiency requirement. 
Here is a list of tests that Kaua‘i CC accepts.

  • TOEFL: 450 (PB) / 133 (CB) / 45 (iB)
  • IELTS: 5.0
  • Eiken / STEP: Grade 2
  • GTEC CBT 900/ GTEC 946

For more information: Admission requirements page

Yes. Students graduating from Kaua‘i Community College with an Associate’s Degree and 2.5 GPA can automatically transfer into any of the baccalaureate programs at the four-year universities in the University of Hawai‘i system. Also, you can transfer to another four-year university with credits you received from Kaua‘i CC. International students can build their academic foundation at Kaua‘i Community College and transfer to a four-year campus to complete their baccalaureate program.

We do not have English language program. However, we offer ELI(English Language Institute) classes every semester for students who speak English as a second language.  International students can work on their English by taking ELI classes and take college classes that lead to your major. 

It depends on housing and your lifestyle. Homestay costs around $1,000 -$1,300 per month. Plus, you will buy groceries and eat out, etc. On average, students spend around $200-$400 on groceries and other items.  Once you get used to living on Kaua‘i, you may have more housing options. For example, in the case you share a house with roommates or rent a room, it costs anywhere between $600- $1200/month. Plus you need to buy food and other items and that usually adds up to about $250-$400 depending on your lifestyle.

For more information: Deadlines and Costs page

There are options to stay with a host family or rent a room/apartment. If you want to stay with a host family, please contact homestay companies listed on our website. We recommend you to contact the company as soon as possible as it may take them a while to find a suitable family. 

Another option is renting a room. You can look for a room to rent from online public listings such as craigslist or local newspapers or you can contact local real estate agencies. Kaua‘i CC international office also keeps a list of available housing that is open to international students.      

For more information: Housing page