Cost of Attendance for International Students

International students must provide evidence of financial support showing that there is sufficient balance to fund your tuition and living expenses.  Please refer to the total cost of attendance. 

NON-RESIDENT: 2024-2025
Allowances Living with Family/Relatives Living Off-Campus
Tuition $8,280 $8,280
Fees $108 $108
Books/Supplies $1,360 $1,360
* Housing $5,231 $15,692
Food $2,270 $6,809
Personal Costs $3,000 $3,000
Transportation $3,462 $3,462
TOTAL COST $23,711 $38,711

* Students living with relatives/acquaintances rent-free, must provide a letter from the primary housing member stating no room and boarding fees will be assessed.

Students who are attending under the student exchange agreement are exempted from paying tuition.

Note: Dollar amounts retrieved from