Student Life

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Like most community colleges, Kaua‘i Community College doesn't offer on-campus housing. Listed below are resources to help you find comfortable housing options on Kaua‘i.


International Student Placement (ISP)

Study and Stay Hawaii

Kauaʻi  Social Apartment: Kauai Social Apartment is located in the heart of Lihue near many shops and restaurants. Public transportation is only a few steps away. For more information, click on the flyer below. ※If you have any further questions or are interested in reserving your spot, 
please email Attn: James

Renting a room

Craiglist - is a classified advertisements website very commonly used in the US. Craigslist Kaua‘i has sections dedicated to apartments/housing for rent, and housemates and roommates wanted.
IMPORTANT: Craigslist is a public website where anybody can post advertisements. This also means that there is always a risk of scam. Craigslist provides tips for avoiding scams. Please carefully review all information regarding the listing before you enter into any legally binding agreement

DISCLAIMER: It is your responsibility to assess all information regarding off-campus housing before you enter into any legally binding agreement such as a lease. Should you enter into such an agreement, it shall be your sole responsibility to resolve any issues that may arise on that agreement. Kaua‘i Community College shall have no obligation to fulfill any of the terms of that agreement.

Kauai Bus – Bus Pass
As a student of Kauai Community College, you can take the Kauai Bus, the county-run bus services, by showing your student ID. For routes and schedules, visit the Kauai Bus website. 

If you do not have a US driver’s license, the first step is to get a driver’s license. You need to pass both written and driving tests. Also, remember that drivers have a lot of responsibilities, such as buying a car, car insurance, etc. For information on obtaining a driver’s license in Kaua'i, click here 

If you live close to campus, riding your bike to school is another option. Also, all Kauai Buses are equipped with bike racks that can hold up to two bikes. So, you can ride your bike to the nearest bus stop, and catch the Kauai Bus.

Academic Support Center
Our Academic Support Center is located in the library. Peer tutors, instructors, and community volunteers are here to provide academic coaching and assistance you need to succeed in your class. 

We also have a professional tutor specialized in working with international and ESL(English Second Language) students. There are also workshops and conversation groups to address the needs of international/ESL students. 

The University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges offers free online, on-demand tutoring, through Tutors are always available, even late-night when your instructor or TA may not be. Any University of Hawai‘i students can use online tutoring for free.

Office Hour
Kaua‘i CC instructors have office hours to help students understand class content and answer any questions they may have. Office hours vary by instructors, so check with your instructors when their office hours are.