International Students Insurance

Insurance is a requirement

All international students on the nonimmigrant student visas (F-1 or J-1) and their dependents (F-2) are required to have health insurance while enrolled.  You cannot register for classes until you submit a proof of your insurance coverage to the Admissions and Records.  

Q. What type of Insurance should I buy?

You can bring proof of your insurance policy purchased in your home country or buy a policy from an international student insurance company.  However, your insurance policy must meet the following University of Hawaii System minimum requirements:

  • Comprehensive Medical Coverage = at least $100,000 US per accident/illness
  • Inpatient/Outpatient medical (including mental health) coverage at no less than 75% usual/customary charge (UCC)
  • Repatriation Coverage= at least $7,500 US
  • Medical evacuation coverage to home country= at least $10,000 US
  • No more than $500 US deductible per accident or illness
  • Waiting period for preexisting conditions no longer than 6 months

It is your responsibility to choose your own health insurance providers and to make sure that the plan meets minimum coverage requirements above.  For your convenience, we have listed some international student insurance company below.  (Please note that Kaua'i Community College does not endorse any particular plans or companies).

You can also choose to enroll in HMSA Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance at the beginning of each Semester. 

Q. Why you need medical insurance?

Medical care in the US is very expensive.  For example, the daily hospital charge for room, board, and doctor’s fee can be $2,500 or more.  This mandatory enrollment in an insurance plan ensures that international students have access to affordable health care in the US in case of illness and injury.

Q. When should your insurance coverage begin and end?

You are required to have health insurance while enrolled in classes. However, we strongly recommend that your health insurance coverage begin the day you arrive in the US and cover the entire duration of your stay in the US, including summer and winter breaks.


  • Do you have international student health insurance that meets all of the UH system requirements? 
  • If you are bringing your family members (dependents on F-2 visa), do you have insurance coverage for them?
  • Did you submit the proof of your insurance coverage to the Admissions and Records?
  • Have you watched the video on the U.S health care system?