Ho'okele - Polynesian Voyaging

Welcome to The Polynesian Voyaging Academic Subject Certificate Program at Kaua'i Community College! 

The Polynesian Voyaging Academic Subject Certificate program is designed for students interested in exploring, experiencing, and understanding the scientific, historical, and cultural aspects of non-instrument way-finding as it pertains to the exploration and settlement of Polynesia.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the basic principles of non-instrument wayfinding.
  2. Describe how the major starlines are utilized by contemporary wayfinders in navigating.
  3. Describe the basic physics of sailing in the Pacific Ocean.
  4. Explain the movement of people in Polynesia from a cultural and historical context.


Polynesian Voyaging Academic Subject Certificate (ASC), 18 credits

Fall Semester 1

  • HWST 107 - Hawai'i: Center of the Pacific (3 credits)
  • HWST 281 - Hoʻokele I : Hawaiian Astronomy and Weather (3 credits)
  • Electives I - Ho'okele (Polynesian Voyaging)  + (3 credits)

Note: If students opt to take less than 8 credits, the remaining Elective credits required for the certificate may be fulfilled in Semester 2.

 Spring Semester 2

  • HWST 282 - Hoʻokele II: Hawaiian Navigation (4credit)
  • Electives II - Ho'okele (Polynesian Voyaging)  + (2 credits)

Total credits: 18

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