Biological Sciences


The purpose of the Associate in Science in Natural Science (ASNS) degree is to address the needs of students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Students can use the ASNS degree to better market their science background or in preparation for transfer to a four-year institution. The ASNS in Biological Sciences provides a clear pathway to properly prepare students for transfer with core introductory courses and laboratories in biology, chemistry, and physics typically required in the first two years of a broad range of biological science baccalaureate degrees at four-year universities.

Program Requirements

Kaua‘i Community College (KCC) has an open door policy so that once students are admitted to the College they can designate themselves as Natural Science students and be in the program.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze data effectively using currently available technology.
  2. Communicate scientific ideas and principles clearly and effectively.
  3. Analyze and apply fundamental mathematical, physical, and chemical concepts and techniques to scientific issues.
  4. Apply fundamental concepts and techniques in their chosen natural science field of student, such as biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, etc.


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Natural Science Concentration in Biological Sciences Associate in Science Degree (AS), 60 credits

Fall Semester 1

  • CHEM 161 General Chemistry I (3 credits)
  • CHEM 161L General Chemistry Lab I (1 credit)
  • MATH 241 Calculus I (4 credits)
  • SCI 170 STEMINAR: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Seminar (1 credit)
  • Foundations: Global and Multicultural Perspectives (FG): Any FGA, FGB, or FGC course (3 credits)
  • Foundations: Written Communication (FW): Three credits of any FW course (3 credits)
Spring Semester 2
  • CHEM 162 General Chemistry II (3 credits)
  • CHEM 162L General Chemistry Lab II (1 credit)
  • MATH 242 Calculus II (4 credits)
  • Diversification: Social Sciences (DS): Any DS course (3 credits)
  • Electives: Any 100-level or higher course (3 credits) (3 credits)
    Foundations: Global and Multicultural Perspectives (FG): Any FGA, FGB, or FGC course (3 credits)
Fall Semester 3
  • BIOL 171 Introduction to Biology I (3 credits)
  • BIOL 171L Introduction to Biology Laboratory I (1 credit)
  • PHYS 151 or PHYS 170 (3 - 4 credits)
  • PHYS 151L or PHYS 170L (1 credit)
  • Diversification: Arts (DA), Humanities (DH), or Literatures (DL)(3 credits)
  • Electives: Any 100-level or higher course (3 credits)
Spring Semester 4
  • BIOL 172 Introduction to Biology II (3 credits)
  • BIOL 172L Introduction to Biology Laboratory II (1 credit)
  • PHYS 152 or PHYS 272 (3 credits)
  • PHYS 152L or PHYS 272L (1 credit)
  • Electives: Any 100-level or higher course (5-6 credits)

Graduation Requirements (to be satisfied within the 60-credit A.S. degree)

  • Graduation Requirement: Writing Intensive (WI): At least 1 WI course
Total credits 60

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Biological Sciences