Wai`ale`ale Project

Aloha and welcome to the Wai`ale`ale Project website!

About Wai`ale`ale Project

The Wai'ale'ale Project is a special program funded by generous donors and community foundations. This program gives eligible Kaua'i and Ni'ihau residents an opportunity to take classes at Kaua'i Community College for "free."

The Wai'ale'ale Project offers scholarships and academic support to participants who would like to take a few classes, or complete an entire academic program to receive Certificates and Associate Degrees. If you have been reluctant to take college classes due to financial constraints, this program may be for you. 



 Please email waiale@hawaii.edu or call 808.245.8383 for questions.

How do I Apply? 

To apply, submit an application by April 15, 2021 for enrollment in the Fall 2021 session. 

Do I need to have somebody submit a referral form to support my application?

To establish your eligibility for the program, it is highly recommended that you have a referral form completed and submitted by somebody who can attest to your eligibility and attends a Wai'ale'ale Affiliate Training. Examples of people who might do this are counselors, advisors, teachers, employers, trainers, coaches, etc.  Please note that all referrals must be submitted  by April 15, 2021.  We are accepting applications/referrals via scanned docs to waiale@hawaii.edu; or mailed to Kaua`i Community College c/o Wai`ale`ale Project (see address below)

3-1901 Kaumuali‘i Hwy.
Lihu‘e, Kaua‘i, Hawai‘i 96766-9500

How can I become a Wai'ale'ale Affiliate? 

Affiliates who have received orientation training on the goals and eligibility requirements of the Wai’ale’ale Project may write referrals on behalf of applicants to the program. The strength of referral is a primary consideration during the application review process. Affiliates should demonstrate in their referral that the applicant meets the eligibility requirements using specific examples and information where possible.

If your organization would like to become a referring affiliate, you must attend a mandatory training session with 2021-2022 requirements and priorities.

To register for a training please click here to access the form   *Note all trainings will be via offered virtually via zoom.  

Contact Lahea Salazar; lahea@hawaii.edu.
You can also reach us at 808.245.8383 or waiale@hawaii.edu