Victoria Aiu

AAS Creative Media
Transferring Student

Why Choose College; A Student’s Perspective 

AAS Creative Media Transferring Student

I’ve always loved to draw. My room (and my backpack!) are filled with sketchbooks, pencils, paints, and brushes. Like a lot of young adults, I enjoy watching my favorite TV shows. Show Business, as PT Barnum coined the phrase, is big business in today’s media saturated world. From dramas to fantasies, live action to animation, sports to news, TV to feature film, telling your audience a good story is the key to success. And artwork is right in the middle of it all.

My personal favorite? Superhero shows. I practice by sketching my favorite characters after watching an episode, and I post my work on my Instagram page where anyone in the world can view my art. With the unlimited access to the internet today, it’s easy to get my work out there for potential employers to see.

In high school, I took all of the art classes that I could, as well as some college level art classes from KCC. When it came time for me to choose a college, art was the first thing I considered. I chose KCC knowing that it is a college with a strong creative art program. This is my 3rd year at KCC. I’ve successfully taken pretty much every art class available, including animation and photography. And I’ve chosen my major, an associates degree in Creative Media. Once I graduate, I will be going on to a top-level four-year institution to learn even more. Then I will pursue my dream of making a career out of drawing. I might work for Pixar as an animation expert, or create comic books with Marvel, or design playbills for Broadway. There are so many choices for me to make, but I know that I’m going to finish strong at KCC and move onward to achieve my dream.