Ka‘ika‘i A‘o Project Internships

In partnership with Alu Like, Inc., the Ka‘ika‘i A‘o Project is a year-round college internship program that is designed to provide Kaua‘i Community College Trades Technology students with enriched career experiences and professional networking opportunities. In addition to on-campus internship opportunities, student participants will be able to gain community-based internship experiences with local businesses to bridge learning gaps and prepare students for jobs in their field of study.  The Ka‘ika‘i A‘o initiative seeks to provide Native Hawai‘ian students with the opportunity to engage with professionals in their area of interest with internship positions available in a variety of career fields related to Trades Technology.

To apply for Ka‘ika‘i A‘o, students must be classified as a student in one of the trades programs (Automotive Technology, Carpentry Technology, Electrical Installation and Maintenance, Electronics Technology, Facilities Engineering) or taking a course in trades to be eligible for paid work-based learning opportunities. The greatest benefit of the program is gaining work-related experience and having the necessary
resources to:

  1. Engage with local community partners;
  2. Obtain more skills and competency in your trade;
  3. Become well-rounded, successful learners;
  4. Develop career readiness proficiencies; and
  5. Have the foundational knowledge needed for a job in your trade.

For more information, please contact Kimi Nagahisa, Career Track Coordinator, at 808-245-8285 or email to kimiwn@hawaii.edu.