Adam M. Harris

What Does It Mean to be Creative?

Adam M. Harris   Lecturer Creative Media

A View from the College
March 5, 2019


Adam M. Harris  
Creative Media

As a creative professional and educator in Creative Media, I think about this often. On one hand, I believe we can channel inspiration from the void, down from the heavens to a place deep inside ourselves to bring to life ideas that had not previously existed.   

On the other hand, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. We take inspiration from the world around us, from nature, from other artists, and use what has been done before as a foundation. Without all the great works done before us, we would not be where we are today.

Being creative can be challenging and tumultuous. It shares the deepest parts of us with the world. Will people like what I have created? Is what I am creating of value? Ultimately, am I even good enough? All of these inner struggles are brought to the surface every time I create. Thanks to my family, friends, and community, the answer has always been a firm and reassuring "YES!"               

Allowing inspiration to guide us is one of life's greatest pleasures. The sense of accomplishment that comes from creating something is not to be underestimated.  For me, the pride and joy that I feel when looking at something taking form out of thin air is the driving force behind my creative potential.                        

At an early age, I felt the joy of completing works of art, music, and building. As I get older I am learning how to combine all the creative outlets I have into one overarching work of art that is my life. From my family, to the seeds I plant and grow, to the meals I prepare from the produce of my labor, extends an unbroken chain to the music I create, record, and perform. Through these endeavors comes album art, music videos, websites, marketing,  posters, fliers and much more.                                 

Completing the creative cycle by giving back to the Creative Media degree program at KCC, helping others fulfill their creative potential just as others helped me, allows me to give them the same encouragement and support that I needed to grow into who I am today.