Nursing Program How to Enroll

Please make an appointment with the Nursing and Allied Health Counselor:

Shelley Sutter
Phone: 808.245.8257

The Nursing Program application period deadline is May 1, 2023. During the application period, please complete and submit the Nursing Nursing Application Form/Admission Rubric

Additional Admissions Documents

  • If you did not attend school (or take a break in a semester) you must submit a new Kaua'i CC Admissions Application. Be sure to designate Kaua'i as your campus and AS-NURSING as your major. Only those accepted into the nursing program will be admitted as AS Nursing. All others will be classified as Liberal Arts.
  • If you are currently attending an institution within the University of Hawaii System, please submit a Change of Home Institution Form to the Admissions Office to request that your major and home institution be changed to Kauai Community College. Your Change of Home Institution Form will be processed ONLY if you are accepted to the Career Ladder Nursing program.
  • To designate Kauai CC as your new home institution, all financial aid or Veterans benefits must be cleared from your current home. Please allow sufficient time for processing. The change must be completed prior to the 1st day of instruction for the term sought. All students who withdraw from college are subject to the program requirements in effect at the time of re-entry.