TEAS® Exam Information

What is TEAS® ? 

The ATI TEAS, or Test of Essential Academic Skills, is a standardized test designed specifically to assess a student's preparedness for entering the health science fields. Questions are designed to test the basic academic skills you will need to perform successfully in the areas of: Reading, Math, Science, and English and Language Usage.

You can review additional information about the ATI TEAS, Version 7 exam, here.

Why do I (the student) have to take the TEAS
The ATI TEAS has been statistically proven to be a valid predictor of early nursing school success. Your score on the TEAS is one measure of academic preparedness that helps Kauai Community College Nursing Program consider your acceptance into our nursing program. 

What does the TEAS exam consist of? 

The ATI TEAS test is comprised of 170 questions that are formatted as both multiple choice items with 4 answer options and alternate-type items. This includes 150 scored questions and 20 unscored pretest questions. Students have 209 minutes to complete the exam.

For students testing on or after June 3, 2022 (ATI TEAS, version 7), the number of questions in each content section and subsection are as follows: 

  • Reading – 45 questions (55 minutes) 
    • Key Ideas & Details – 15 
    • Craft & Structure – 9 
    • Integration of Knowledge & Ideas – 15 
    • Unscored Pretest Items – 6 
  • Math – 38 questions (57 minutes) 
    • Numbers & Algebra – 18 
    • Measurement & Data – 16 
    • Unscored Pretest Items – 4 
  • Science – 50 questions (60 minutes) 
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology – 18 
    • Biology – 9 
    • Chemistry – 8 
    • Scientific Reasoning – 9 
    • Unscored Pretest Items – 6 
  • English & Language Usage – 37 questions (37 minutes) 
    • Conventions of Standard English – 12 
    • Knowledge of Language – 11 
    • Using Language and Vocabulary to Express Ideas in Writing – 10 
    • Unscored Pretest Items – 4   

How do I register for the exam? 

 In order to test, you must have an ATI account created. You can view account creation information here.  Kaua`i CC’s Testing Center (TC) is not listed on ATI’s “Register Now” page. After you create your ATI user account, contact the TC to schedule your appointment and obtain a TEAS product code.  Wait until a few days to a week before your appointment to purchase your exam as ATI does not generally issue refunds.

Appointments should be scheduled at least four (4) business days in advance by calling the TC at 808-245-8306 or emailing kautest@hawaii.edu; include the subject line “TEAS Appointment Request”. Please check the TC’s TEAS Testing calendar for dates (subject to change without notice).  Your TEAS appointment may last up to 4 hours, so plan your day accordingly. 

How do I pay the fees for the exam?

There are two fees for this exam--a registration fee to ATI when you purchase your exam and an administration fee to University of Hawai`i when you take your exam. Your purchase from ATI will be made before exam day from atitesting.com. As outlined above, you should obtain a TEAS code from the TC before doing this step.

The UH administration fee is $40 for each attempt and is separate from ATI’s registration fee.  It is payable on exam day by check to “University of Hawaii” or by cash (exact change is best, no bills over $50).  Electronic payments and credit/debit cards are not accepted by the Business Office for this test.  Before heading to the Business Office, you must visit the TC to pick up your payment slip.

What else should I expect on exam day?

To take TEAS, you must

  1. Present your valid government-issued photo ID to TC staff,
  2. Wear your face covering while in the TC. Face shields alone are not allowed. Face coverings with exhalation valves are not allowed.
  3. Know your ATI login information,
  4. Have $40 cash or a check to “University of Hawaii” to pay the UH administration fee; having exact change helps expedite payment processing.

The TC will provide scratch paper and cleaned pencils.  If you bring your own pencils, they must be non-mechanical, wooden pencils. Personal scratch paper and calculators are not allowed. An online calculator is provided within the exam when necessary.

Delays in starting the exam due to forgotten login information, items, or payment issues will result in rescheduling or cancellation. Please contact the TC for any changes or delays by calling 808-245-8306.

Additional registration information on TEAS is below 

  TEAS In-Person at Institution Use for reference purposes only; KCC is not listed here 

How should I prepare for the TEAS exam? 

ATI, the official provider of prep for the exam, recommends that you allow yourself at least six weeks to prepare for the exam. 

There are a variety of prep resources available to help you study for the test – all aligned to the ATI TEAS, Version 7 and packed with thousands of practice questions based on the content and format of the actual exam.