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DAV Transport Network

The DAV Transportation Network is the only way many veterans are able get to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
medical facilities for needed treatment. They're men and women who answered our country's call in times of war. Many lost limbs, sight, hearing, or good health. And many live a great distance from a VA hospital.
With fixed incomes, the cost of transportation to a VA hospital is just too high. They're left with two choices. They could go without the treatment they need, or skimp on food or other necessities to pay for transportation.
Veterans disabled in our nation's service should never face such dire options. So DAV and Auxiliary volunteers respond, driving vets to and from VA hospitals and clinics. Other grateful Americans are helping too.

The network is administered by DAV Hospital Service Coordinators (HSCs) at the VA's 172 medical centers. The DAV has also donated vans, where needed, to make the program work. All DAV van drivers are volunteers and do not receive payment for the services they provide.

Across the nation, more than 196 HSCs operate more than 180 active programs at VA hospitals and outpatient clinics. These HSCs have recruited a corps of nearly 5,000 volunteer drivers whom they coordinate to provide transportation for veterans needing this service. Additionally DAV Departments and Chapters purchase and donate most of the vans to the VA medical facilities for use in the Transportation Network.

All DAV van drivers are volunteers and do not receive payment for the services they provide.

If you would like to be a volunteer, please call:
Edward Kawamura 652-6706.
If you or someone you know needs transportation for a doctor’s appointment, call the VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) 246-0497 to get criteria and on schedule. Individuals must be ambulatory.

Benefits Support
Hawaii Office of Veteran Services, Kaua'i
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Readjustment Counseling
Kauai Vet Center
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Kauai United Way
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Health Care
Department of Veterans Affairs Kauai Community Based Outpatient Clinic
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Kauai Community College
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WorkWise Kaua'i
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