Student Activity Board

The Student Activities Board (SAB) strives to provide a wide array of activities for students and the community-at-large. Activities include seasonal celebrations, awareness workshops, community events, and co-sponsor functions with registered independent campus organizations (RISO).

Aside from providing events for student enjoyment, the Student Activities Board teaches participants valuable leadership skills, positive team building, understanding group dynamics, planning strategies, and building effective communication skills. Students also gain new life-long friendships and form positive networks with the community.

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  • Chair→ TBA
  • Vice Chair/Treasurer→ Kyra Lacaden
  • Secretary→ Keynan Mateo
  • Director of Public Relations and Promotions →TBA
  • Director of Daily Events→ Athena Manipon-Hamada
  • Director of Special Events→ TBA
Director Advertising and Graphic Designs → TBA
  • August 23rd, 2023 → E Komo Mai 
  • September 1st-31st, 2023 → Constitution Day 
  • October 31st, 2023 →  Fall Festival

Athena Manipon-Hamada
Phone: (808) 855-8702
Location: Campus Center, Rm 212


John Constantino - Student Life Coordinator