Interested in STEM?  

Kaua'i CC has a plan for YOU!

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

This fall, Kaua'i CC is offering a special opportunity for students entering Math 103!  Jump start your STEM degree while making new friends with a built in support system!  

Details:  Enroll in a pre-planned schedule your first semester,  taking all of your classes with the same group of students :  your  STEM cohort! The schedule is designed to be student friendly -  you'll have no classes on Tues/Thurs afternoons and your Fridays are free!  This program will teach you all the math you need to get ready for calculus, plus you'll take your first college science course and learn about STEM career opportunities in KCC's new STEMinar course.  

Cohort Schedule 


Weeks 1-8

Weeks 9-16


STEM cohort classes 
(12 credits) 

College Algebra
Course: Math 103 (3)
Date/Time: MTWR 9-10:15

Course: Math 140X (4)
Date/Time:MTWR 9-10:40

General Chemistry & Lab

Course: Chem 161 (3)
Date/Time:TR 10:50-12:05

Course: Chem 161 Lab (1)
Date/Time: W 1:30-4:15


Course: Science 170 (1)
Date/Time: M 1:30-3:10 (every other M.)


Add a 3-credit class to make 15 credits

TR afternoons, MWF 11 - 11 :50, or online courses

Frequently Asked questions

What if I'm not sure about my major?
If you're interested in STEM, even if you're not sure which branch:  biology, computers,  engineering, etc,  STEM cohort is for you!  

Two math classes in one semester?
At Kaua'i CC, students who enroll in 8-week math classes have proven to be more successful than students who take semester-long math classes.  Surprising, huh?

Want to enroll?  Contact Pua at 245-8258 or

Have any question contact us

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Loni Delaplane,

Steve Taylor,


Kauaʻi Community College is committed to providing all students with equitable access to its programs and services. For disability accommodations, contact our Disabilities Services Coordinator at (808) 245-8314. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to contact our Disabilities Services Coordinator well before the registration deadline to provide ample time to review and verify requests.