Non-Resident Students

NONRESIDENT STUDENTS: Chapter 20-4-8, Hawai`i Administrative Rules

Nonresident students who enter Kaua`i Community College may not be allowed to change his/her residency status from nonresident to resident during any period in which he/she:

  1. enrolled for 6 credits or more at any higher education institution(s) in Hawai`i;
  2. was absent from Hawai`i for more than 30 days per year during school vacation periods;
  3. received student financial assistance based on residency in another state; or
  4. was a dependent of nonresident parent(s) or legal guardian.

This policy is in accordance with Chapter 20-4-8, Hawai`i Administrative Rules:

Presence in Hawai`i primarily to attend an institution of higher learning shall not create resident status. A nonresident student enrolled for six credits or more per term shall be presumed to be in Hawai`i primarily for educational purposes. Such period of enrollment shall not be counted toward the establishment of a bona fide domicile of one year in Hawai`i. A student may rebut this presumption of nonresidence if clear and convincing evidence is provided that the student has abandoned the student’s previous residence and has established a bona fide residence in Hawai`i primarily for purposes other than educational.

To demonstrate the intent to make Hawai`i your legal residency, filing a Hawai`i resident personal income tax return is the primary indicia.

All documents must be received prior to the 1st day of instruction for the term sought.