Industry Partners

The Hospitality and Tourism program collaborates with various hospitality industry executives and brings them together as members of the HOST Advisory Committee. This volunteer committee contains industry leaders who are willing to share their professional experiences with students in the Hospitality and Tourism program. They may provide guidance in matters related to the program’s curriculum, career placement, and funding, which helps to support and advance the level of excellence consistent with the program’s mission and goals.

Collectively, they bring their specialized skills and knowledge into the classroom and merge theory with the real-world expectations. Their input is invaluable to the college and the HOST program, and we truly appreciate their dedication and support of our students. The HOST program and its students benefit from the advice and support of our industry partners in a variety of ways:

  • Exposes students to the diversity of the hospitality industry
  • Offers an opportunity to network with industry leaders and gain insight into career pathways
  • Furnishes internship options for students approaching degree completion
  • Provides career placement opportunities for graduates
  • Recruits new industry partners to support the program’s mission and objectives
  • Generates funding for scholarships and publicizes the program to generate external support
  • Promotes the completion and advancement of students' educational goals

These dedicated partners help to “ensure the sustainability of Aloha in the Hospitality and Tourism industries”, and we are truly indebted to their continued support and efforts.

In 2015, Kaua`i Community Colleges’ HOST program ranked #22 in the top 30 colleges for an Associate’s Degree in Hospitality

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