The Sustainable Living Institute of Kaua’i

Our Vision

Our vision is for a sustainable campus that empowers an island community rich in diversity to actively engage in the efforts needed to secure a vibrant and abundant future through developing innovative approaches to the cultural, social, environmental, and financial issues of today and tomorrow. We are training tomorrow’s leaders, tomorrow’s decision-makers, and it is important that we ground the education we provide in the knowledge and experience of the value of diversity, diversity of culture, of history, of perspectives, for it is this diversity that will ultimately lead us to a prosperous, resilient, and sustainable future.

Ho‘ouluwehi literally translates to “bedeck with plants”. Ho‘o, to cause to grow, and Ho‘ouluwehi, lush and beautiful verdure; a place where beautiful plants thrive. Our institute seeks to embrace this meaning both literally and figuratively. Our aim is to honor and build upon our history and diverse cultures by offering innovative sustainability learning.

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College Conversation

Sustainability (ppt - 12/2/2019)

What's Happening


  • Currently, have two collection buckets outside the cafeteria for food waste
  • Diverting food waste coming from the cafeteria
  • Green Tumbler outside student life center for placing food waste into
  • Expansion into other buildings coming soon!

Solar Projects:

  • Solar storage shed
  • Go farm container now has solar panels on it for self-generating power


  • Removed over 120 Macaranga Trees from the stream area on campus

Hydroelectric Project:

  • Hydroelectric turbine placed in the stream to produce electricity 
  • Removed the turbine, cleaned it, adjusted the output

Grove Farm Native Species Plot:

Green Initiatives on Campus---

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The Sustainable Living Institute of Kaua’i

In collaboration with Moses, curator at Grove farm plantation in Lihue, we identified an area and planted 100 Milo trees. In an ongoing effort, we have been nurturing, weeding, collecting data and watering the trees